Prayer Focus

The Lord invites us to come with the world’s needs, and problems that are beyond our power to resolve, and place them in the loving hands of our almighty God.

We give thanks for faithful Christians whose examples of kindness and wisdom have inspired us.

We pray for the Church; that Christians follow Christ with the courage to serve, rather than compete for success in the world’s terms.

We pray for those who govern and lead; that they use their position to act for others rather than to satisfy their own desires.

We pray for children; that they may be protected and nurtured by those who have a responsibility to care for them.

We pray for those on the margins of our communities, those who are disadvantaged in any way; that their humanity might be recognised and their needs met.

We thank you, Lord, that you hear our prayers. Help us to trust in your love and power as we rest our concerns in your care. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ.