We previously met every Tuesday during term time between 15:30 and 17:00

Every third Tuesday we would get MESSY CHURCH

Who we are - Pilots believes that children and young people matter. Therefore Pilots gives local churches the opportunity to share the love of God in the ongoing life of Jesus Christ by inviting children and young people on an exciting journey.

Pilots Commitment - "I will learn, pray and serve all I can with the world-wide Church of Jesus Christ"

Pilots Prayer - "Lord, help us to be prepared for adventure in all we do. Loving and caring, open to others. Together as one community, sharing the love of Jesus on our way. Amen"


Pilots is a mission resource for local churches, enables self-discovery in a fun, secure environment; gives an opportunity to respond to God; is rooted in the world-wide church and helps young people to grow in the Christian faith.

Are you aged between 5 and 18?

Do you like making friends, playing games, being creative, adventurous, crafty and active?

Do you like learning new things and exploring the world?

If so, Pilots is for you! Pilots is an ecumenical, non-uniformed organisation open to all children and young people. We believe that every child and young person matters. Consequently, Pilots aims to meet the needs of each community in which it functions, offering children and young people safe and caring environments to flourish in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. Pilots companies, based in local churches around the UK, usually meet on a weekday night, providing different activities, games and challenges to suit all ages and abilities, with:

Deckhands for 5-6 year olds

Adventurers for 7-10 year olds

Voyagers for 11-14 year olds

Navigators for 14-18 year olds

Pilots also encourages children and young people to develop their leadership skills and hopefully, in time, take more and more of a role in planning and delivering the programme for their company.

The Pilots’ Psalm (based on Psalm 23)

The Lord is my pilot, I shall not drift, He lighteth me across the dark waters;

He keepeth my log. He steereth me in the deep channels.

Yea though I sail mid the thunders and tempests of life,

He guideth me by the star of holiness for his name sake.

Thou preparest a harbour before me in the homeland of eternity.

I shall dread no danger, for thou art near me.

Thy love and care, they shelter me.

Surely sunlight and starlight shall favour me on the voyage I take;

Thou anointest the waves with oil; my ship rideth calmly.

And I will rest in the port of my God forever.

Capt. John H Rogers, 1874