Contact our Lettings Secretary, Mrs Jean Heath, on 01432 272946 for further details of rates and availability.

In addition to the main hall (sanctuary) - which is used for church services, weddings, baptisms and funerals - we have a Small hall and Committee room available for church groups, uniformed organisations and many other local community groups.

Our main hall can seat up to 170 people in theatre style or may be used as a free style open space as suits your needs.

Our small hall can seat up to 80 people and is available to be used as free open space or seated with tables as required.

We have a committee room suitable for smaller gatherings.

The Church is able to offer kitchen facilities - please state any requirement at the time of your booking enquiry. We hold a FIVE STAR rating for our kitchen facilities ( Further details are available through this link:

Our Current usage is as below: if you intend joining any group, please make contact before attending.

All groups are required to hold appropriate insurance cover for their activities.

The Church cannot accept liability for group activities that are beyond its control.


As national restrictions begin to lift User Groups are starting to consider restarting within the Church building. A full update will appear here shortly but for the current position of each activity please contact the relevant group leader.